Sanitary Sewer Bypass Major Bypass System Design with No Disruptions to Busy Downtown Core


With the prospect of rehabilitating an old trunk sewer in downtown Kingston, a contractor solicited Aquatech to design a bypass that not only dealt with the immediate sewer needs, but also caused minimal disruption to the environment, pedestrians as well as park and vehicle traffic.


Aquatech responded by utilizing the existing combined sewer overflow tank to pump 3,200 USGPM of raw sewage over 3600’ with an increase in elevation of 50’, across several roads, through parks and adjacent to a national historic monument. The system operated for two months without any spillage or leaks from the pipeline. Meanwhile, additional pumping systems were installed at the end of the construction area, and the entire system ran alongside the St. Lawrence River, traversed parkland and five road crossings. Despite the extent of work involved, all roadways remained open for the duration of the project. The local utilities were so pleased with the results that they requested Aquatech’s services to manage a more complex section of sewer through the downtown core the following year.