For every project that requires the taking and/or discharging of water, there are governing regulations that must be met, and Aquatech’s specialists are very knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with local and governing regulations, permitting (such as Dewatering AND Discharge Permits, PTTW’s and EASR’s) as well as developing and conducting compliance monitoring and mitigation plans.

Discharge permits are required when discharging into public sewer systems or the natural environment, and groundwater taking permits are required when groundwater is taken for activities such as dewatering and groundwater control. These activities often require hydrogeological and environmental assessment reports prepared by qualified professionals to evaluate the potential impact of the taking or discharge of water, as well as implementing monitoring and mitigation plans required by the permit(s).

Aquatech works from the earliest stages of the project to help you throughout the permitting process and satisfy your monitoring requirements without any unnecessary delays.

Our Environmental Division Can Offer:

  • Liaise with regulatory agencies (Federal, Provincial/State, Region, County ) to submit and obtain dewatering permits as well as short-term and long-term discharge permits
  • Preparation and submission of Permit Applications
  • Preparation and submission of Mobile or site-specific Environmental Compliance Applications
  • Environmental baseline assessments
  • Hydrogeological studies
  • Filtration and Treatment solutions in order to achieve the required water quality for discharge water as well as pump and transport of effluent water
  • Preparation of and implementation of ESC and fish rescue or relocation plans
  • Real-time remote water/liquid quality, level and flow monitoring: pre, during and post construction
  • Specialists with necessary licensing to meet the requirements of any project