Aquatech has extensive experience in treating discharge to comply with regulatory requirements.

We provide tested and robust treatment solutions to meet your discharge water quality requirements: we have a full fleet of innovative technology for filtration and treatment, and we provide deployment and continuous monitoring.

Systems can be employed to meet sanitary sewer bylaws and our MECP ECA allows for systems to be employed to discharge to the storm water system and natural environment. Aquatech offers turn-key mobile systems for immediate emergency response as well as comprehensive and long lead planned treatment solutions.


Non-compliant discharges can lead to costly fines, charges and extensive delays on your project.

Some common construction related contaminants that we address include:

  • VOC’s and inorganics
  • Hydrocarbons – liquid and soluble phase
  • Total suspended solids and turbidity
  • Metals including manganese, zinc, iron and arsenic
  • pH adjustment for acidic and alkaline environments

We can help attain all required permits and approvals from regulatory bodies for discharging treated water.


Aquatech has dedicated expert operations and monitoring staff that utilize remote monitoring technology to achieve the most reliable and continuous operations.

  • Engineered filtration and treatment plans
  • Operations and maintenance manuals
  • Emergency spill response plans
  • Baseline water quality testing
  • Subsurface investigations, contaminant mapping
  • Discharge permits (municipal and natural environment)
  • Water Quality sampling and analyses
  • Mobile ECA
  • Discharge filtration and treatment systems (initial pilot testing, short term for construction, and long term and permanent systems)
  • Efficient engineered systems to manage filtration byproducts, sludges and waste
  • Sampling and testing programs to maintain discharge water quality objectives throughout the life of the project
  • Instantaneous remote monitoring instrumentation
  • Specialized environmentally compliant filtration media
  • Customizable mobile filtration and treatment units
  • Groundwater remediation and contaminated sites
    • Complete turnkey implementation and operation
    • Dedicated team on your project including estimators, engineers, project managers and operations staff.
    • Design build approach – initial water quality testing and site contaminant evaluation to detailed design, permit acquisition, system installation, operation and decommissioning
    • Filtration consultation and budgetary analysis (ex. Sanitary discharge fees versus filtration to storm system)
    • System optimization and value engineering
  • 24/7 On Call Response
  • Emergency response and contingency planning
  • Remote and On-site Pump Watch Operations
  • Tanks & tarped roll-off boxes up to 21,000 Gallons (80,000 L capacity)
  • Polymer mixing tanks
  • Oil-water separators
  • Air strippers
  • Extraction equipment and wells
  • Sediment filters including high flow self-cleaning filters
  • Micron filter canisters and sand media filters including automatic backwashing
  • High and low pressure carbon and specialty media vessels
  • Various chemical and biological treatment and equipment
  • Flocculants and coagulants
  • Dedicated expert operations and monitoring staff to ensure system proper system operation.
  • ECA monitoring adherence, influent and effluent water quality sampling and laboratory analysis
  • Mobile instantaneous water quality analysis equipment
  • Remote monitoring instrumentation to monitor system operation and water quality parameters
  • Project start-up, operation and close-out documentation