Aquatech was born in the construction industry and we still thrive there today.

Although we have expanded into many other sectors, the construction industry remains our core marketplace.

We service all sectors of construction including heavy civil, tunnel, sewer and water infrastructure, energy and transportation infrastructure, ICI, residential condominium and subdivision strip developments, and we also provide urgent/emergency services for failed infrastructure. With our dedicated and experienced team, the core services we offer the construction industry are groundwater control, construction dewatering, discharge water filtration and treatment systems, sewage bypass pumping, creek bypass pumping and temporary dams, and dewatering and discharge permit acquisition.

Aquatech is continually innovating through better technologies and techniques, and our staff is thoroughly trained in environmental regulations and safety procedures and holds the training, knowledge and licensing necessary to manage the most demanding of construction projects. Aquatech also holds a COR certification and has an exemplary safety and environmental compliance record.