Dewatering 2,000 USGPM Water Treatment Services for the Highway 400 meeting stringent water quality requirements


A new residential subdivision development in Angus, Ontario required sewer and water main installation, construction of a stormwater pond (SWMP), a sewage pumping station, and a sewage forcemain from the SPS to the Angus sewage treatment plant.


Aquatech was contracted in an emergency response to expeditiously institute a storm water bypass treatment system to mitigate the turbid water problems. Aquatech installed a fully automated bypass and treatment system consisting of numerous Godwin automated primary and standby pumps, Enviro-tanks, sand media filters and pressurized micron filters to address storm water flow rates from as low as 8 USGPM to as high as 2000 USGPM. Influent turbidity levels were found as high as in excess of 2,000 NTU’s and the treatment system lowered these levels to under 10 NTU’s. The bypass treatment system was functional in three ‘around the clock’ working days and illustrates Aquatech’s ability to deliver in emergency conditions.