Dewatering Downtown Toronto – On schedule, On time, On Budget


Menkes Developments, in concert with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, is constructing two residential towers in the prestigious Yorkville area of downtown Toronto. A common underground parking structure up to five (5) levels underground founded the excavation at elevation 95 masl, or approximately six metres below the watertable in the Thorncliffe Aquifer.


To maintain the aggressive project schedule, dewatering was initiated in numerous phases with close coordination between the shoring and excavation contractors and entire project team. Lowering of the phreatic surface to construct the raft slab foundation system and parking structure was achieved utilizing a dual stage vacuum wellpoint system installed around the perimeter of the site. The concrete pour completed for the raft slab foundation was the largest done in Canada and was delivered ahead of schedule through excellent site coordination and groundwater control being a critical path on this project.