Dewatering Expeditiously Delivered Permits for Dewatering in Sanitary Sewer Construction


When circumstances call for the expertise that knows how to quickly and effectively navigate the appropriate permitting and authorizations, Aquatech is prepared. In this case, a company was working under a very tight timeline to provide water and sanitary service to the tenants of the newly constructed industrial complexes in the Tapscott Employment District.


They contracted Aquatech to deliver the necessary permits on this site, including the Permit To Take Water (PTTW) as well as the authorization to discharge into the City of Toronto storm sewer system. Aquatech managed the dewatering of the deep sanitary sewer with vacuum wellpoint and vacuum educator dewatering systems. The abstracted groundwater was treated within storm sewer compliance using an Enviro-tank, which managed the solids, zinc and manganese prior to discharging into to the storm sewer system.