Creek Bypass – Site Management in an Environmentally Sensitive Area


A contractor required Aquatech’s services to assist in a creek bypass and dewatering project which involved a pipeline replacement located in a difficult to reach area.


Recognizing that the entire area was a flood plain that was subject to flooding during rainfalls, Aquatech recommended that the contractor install steel flume pipes to convey the dry weather flow of approximately 2m3/s. This design permitted the easy passage of aquatic species through the job site while minimizing the impacts the excavation would have upon the watercourse downstream. Working in conjunction with a number of stakeholders, including the owner, contractor, consultant and conservation authority, Aquatech proposed a dewatering system that would maintain a dry work area for the pipeline replacement. A complement of electric submersibles as well as diesel-driven generators and Dri-Prime pumps were utilized, the capacity of the pumping system being in excess of ½m3/s. Given the diesel driven pumping equipment had to be protected from potential flood damage, it was set back 170’ from the creek while the Dri-Prime pumps were able to self-prime on demand over the large amount of hose.