Dewatering Turn-Key Dewatering Solution Amidst Complex Geology and Groundwater Conditions


Given the location on Toronto’s eastern waterfront, the Portlands area poses a combination of complex geography and challenging groundwater conditions. The soil structure is comprised of hydraulic fills, native organic silt and sands of varying gradation, which is underlain by shale bedrock. The groundwater level mirrors the level in nearby Lake Ontario and is a significant recharge boundary through a permeable (10-2 cm per second) aquifer system.

The contractor that was tasked with installing 330 metres of 96” cooling water pipe for the Portlands Energy Centre enlisted Aquatech’s assistance in providing a turnkey dewatering solution.


Using a dual-sided wellpoint system to lower the water level one metre below the invert of the cooling pipe and five metres below the static water table, Aquatech successfully managed the dewatering on budget and helped the contractor complete the installation ahead of schedule.