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How do you do that?

At Aquatech, we pride ourselves on having assembled a talented team of professionals who are always prepared to respond to our clients’ specific project challenges. Given the depth of experience we’ve developed over the years, collectively we draw on a considerable knowledge base and can devise solutions for a range of applications.

To help our clients better understand their challenges and our methods for meeting the demands of each individual job, we’ve created this ever-evolving archive of material that we refer to as How Do You files. They offer a glimpse at how we address problems and the way we go about formulating the best answer. Of course, this is just a representative sampling of what we do at Aquatech, so if you have any specific questions or concerns, let us know how we can assist you.

How to Discharge Water from a Construction Site ?

The Challenge - What’s the best strategy for adhering to environmental regulations related to pumping water from a construction site?

The Aquatech Approach

When pumping from dewatering systems, storm water management ponds (SWMPs), excavations or trenches, Aquatech always upholds practices that comply with allowable standards. We take a comprehensive approach to managing these issues and maintain our responsibilities over the course of a number of different stages. These include:

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How to Clean a Stormwater Management Pond (SWMP) ?

The Challenge - Cleaning a stormwater management pond (SWMP) without having to drain the pond first.

The Aquatech Solution

The simple answer is that we combine the pumping and excavation into one process. As Aquatech always stays current with new technologies to service its clients, in this case we would employ Dragflow Pumps which are designed to pick up solids, mix them into a high density slurry and pump them all in one straightforward operation. This equipment can pump as much as 70% solids by weight and readily handle up to 5” diameter solids. It’s an excellent solution for those looking to better manage tailings ponds as well as SWMPs.

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How to Design a Bypass Pumping System ?

Bypass pumping systems run the gamut from the simple to the intricate and extremely complicated. The following is intended to address several basic factors required to build a successful bypass pumping system.

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How do you do that?
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