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Aquatech has always upheld its role as a reliable partner in helping to address a variety of effective pumping and dewatering-related projects. From emergency measures to comprehensive programs that successfully manage a multiplicity of environmental issues, Aquatech earns its high standing among clients by always ensuring the job is done thoroughly and to optimum specifications.


Dewatering – Emergency Response to Avoid Flooding in Open Pit Mine

Faced with a failing submersible system in combination with the spring thaw, a senior design engineer for a mine in northern Ontario contacted Aquatech in search of an emergency mine dewatering system to fight off a prospective site flood. Aquatech took immediate action, designing a dewatering system that would pump at three separate locations throughout the mine using the client’s HDPE pipelines. The system designs were quickly approved and an order was placed for five 150mm high head self-priming centrifugal pump and one 300mm self-priming centrifugal pump – equipment that is all designed to operate between 120’ and 300’ Total Dynamic Head (TDH) with 15’-20’ suction lifts. However, the client could not arrange trucking to their site, but Aquatech managed to source the necessary transportation and all the equipment was onsite by the following morning. Aquatech managed to deal with the immediate site needs and has since filled orders for a number of dewatering systems for the client. In fact, the client was so impressed with the results; they purchased one of the initial pumps sent to the site.

Dewatering – On Schedule, On Time, On Budget

With the construction of two residential towers in the Yorkville area of downtown Toronto, an Aquatech client was responsible for constructing a five-level underground parking structure. This amounted to nearly 7 metres metres below the watertable in the Thorncliffe Aquifer. Endeavouring to maintain an aggressive project schedule, dewatering was initiated in numerous phases as the shoring and excavation contractors, along with the entire project team, worked in close collaboration. Utilizing a dual stage vacuum wellpoint system installed around the perimeter of the site allowed the team to lower the phreatic surface to construct the raft slab foundation system and parking structure. This was, in fact, the largest concrete poured raft slab foundation in Canada, and the work was ultimately delivered ahead of schedule thanks to the excellent site coordination and groundwater control.

Emergency Response to Address a Blocked Sanitary Sewer by Implementing a Bypass Pumping System

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Faced with a sanitary sewer damaged by nearby construction activities, a municipality in the GTA requested that the Aquatech team implement a full sewage bypass system by the following day, as the forecast warned of a significant rainfall event. Having conducted a full site review, Aquatech undertook a number of measures, beginning with having the manhole tapered section removed and risers extended to the surface to accommodate suction and discharge lines. The pumping system was offloaded on the site and jersey barriers were installed, as the location bordered a six-lane road. The staff worked for the next 24 hours to make sure the pumping system was in place as the anticipated rainfall event occurred. As part of its responsibilities, Aquatech oversaw the pump watch, system maintenance, refuelling and requisite operation over the next three months while the sewer was repaired. Upon completion of the project all equipment and materials were cleaned and sanitized prior to the removal of the equipment and re-instatement of the site.

Dewatering – Pumping from a Construction Site to a Creek while Meeting Stringent Water Quality Requirements

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The Aquatech team was called upon to respond to an emergency situation involved with the construction of a new interchange at Highway 400 and Teston Road in the City of Vaughan. The site sat in a low-level area with the geography sloping downward from both northerly and southerly directions. As construction involved the stripping of several acres of land in preparation for the work, measures had been taken to address storm water flow and site run-off to the outlet in an existing creek. However, significant rainfall in the spring season overwhelmed the storm water management devices and large volumes of turbid water entered the nearby creek. Aquatech was immediately enlisted to institute a storm water bypass treatment system to mitigate the turbid water, which it did by installing a fully automated bypass and treatment system comprised of numerous automated primary and standby pumps, Enviro-tanks, sand media filters and pressurized micron filters. While the influent turbidity levels were found to be in excess of 2,000 NTU’s, the treatment system implemented lowered these levels to less than 10 NTU’s and addressing flows up to 8,000 L/min.