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The following are a sampling of representative situations to which Aquatech has responded in helping engineers meet the needs – both immediate and ongoing – of their clients.


Dewatering – Supporting Infrastructure Construction Situated in a Sensitive Environmental Setting

As is the case for many of our clients, managing a particularly sensitive environmental project surrounded by residential areas presents a number of challenges that demand excellent planning, execution and monitoring. In this instance, the Block 11 residential development to the east of the Town of Maple had to contend with a locale that partially formed the headwaters to the East Don River system. This encompasses numerous groundwater upwellings that are considered critical to the existence of both aquatic and plant life in the area.

Recognizing that Aquatech could provide a full complement of services that would help support the infrastructure development, the general contractor enlisted our immediate assistance. Our team secured the necessary groundwater and discharge permits, and then enacted the proper groundwater control and treatment solutions. Further, we undertook the monitoring and mitigation measures required to protect the biodiversity and aquifer systems. The outcome found that these groundwater control systems were active for nearly two years with zero impact on the natural environment.

Effluent Bypass - Emergency Bypass to Lake in Compliance with all Regulatory Agencies

When circumstances require fast action and a thoroughly professional response, Aquatech is ready to jump into action and work with the local authorities and stakeholders. Faced with the prospect that a subcontractor had possibly damaged the only effluent pipe from the City of Barrie Water Pollution Control Centre (WPCC), a construction company looked to Aquatech for an immediate response. The Aquatech design team mobilized to the site to design an emergency bypass system. In assessing the severity of the situation, a dewatering system was immediately installed under the existing Permit To Take Water (PTTW), to allow for excavation in the area of the damaged pipe.

Determining that the pipe had been compromised, the next stage involved installing an immediate bypass system. We worked with all municipal stakeholders in preparing the area for a pumping system which included the opening of concrete chambers in order to install the pump suction lines. Aquatech then had to secure further clearances with local officials for installing the system, as the discharge of the treated effluent had to cross a stream and was directed into Lake Simcoe not far from Barrie’s main public beach. This system could pump 43,000 USGPM in conditions of -25°C temperatures in order to facilitate the pipe replacement. In successfully accomplishing all these goals under tight timelines, Aquatech also managed the coordination of sewer plug installation and removals with a dive team.

Dewatering – Expeditiously Delivered Required Permits for Dewatering in Sanitary Sewer Construction.

When circumstances call for the expertise that knows how to quickly and effectively navigate the appropriate permitting and authorizations, Aquatech is prepared. In this case, a company was working under a very tight timeline to provide water and sanitary service to the tenants of the newly constructed industrial complexes in the Tapscott Employment District. They contracted us to deliver the necessary permits on this site, including the Permit To Take Water (PTTW) as well as the authorization to discharge into the City of Toronto storm sewer system. Aquatech managed the dewatering of the deep sanitary sewer with vacuum wellpoint and vacuum educator dewatering systems. The abstracted groundwater was treated within storm sewer compliance using an Enviro-tank, which managed the solids, zinc and manganese prior to discharging into to the storm sewer system.