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Discharge Filtration

AQUATECH also offers a wide range of discharge filtration and treatment equipment to help meet both water quality and discharge regulations and the needs of our clients.

Enviro-Tanks (Weir Tanks) (Fractionation Tanks)

• 18,000 to 21,000 gallon tank capacity
• Internal weirs separate water and waste (over and under weirs)
• Removes waste, solids (gravel, sand and silt) some visible oil, grease and hydrocarbons, and some metals (removed with sediment)
• Enviro-tanks are capable of filtering to the 50 NTU/ 225 microns particle size

• Mixing and separation of suspended solids
• Removal of contaminates via coagulation and flocculation
• Accommodate various means of filter media and absorbents
• PH Adjustment

Sand Media Filters & Pressure Vessels

• Very low maintenance
• Can handle high-flow filtration rates
• Use sand, carbon, clay, and other granular medias
• Can be used in series, parallel or stand-alone filtration
• Automated backwash systems increase media life

Sediment Filters (Bags and Cartridges)

• Final step in filtration series
• Pre-filtration for granular activated carbon or reverse osmosis
• Cartridge and bag filters can remove hydrocarbons
• Filter bags for sediment filters
• Filter cartridges for sediment filters
• Liners
• Specialty cartridges

Wheel Wash

• Wide range of vehicle capabilities (passenger vehicles to heavy equipment, tri-axle trucks and trailers)
• Permanent and temporary installations for construction sites and industrial applications
• Efficient drive through design with integrated wash element nozzles
• Wash water recycling system with sedimentation tank
• Completely automated systems with vehicle sensors

Oil/Water Separators

• Oil and water coalescing material
• Can process water for re-use applications
• Will remove free and dispersed non-emulsified oil
• Used as a pre-filter for granulated activated carbon


• Sediment basins
• Sediment traps
• Silt Fencing
• Rock check dam
• Discharge energy dissipaters