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Diesel Hudig vacuum wellpoint pump keeping excavation dewatered in Dubai

Vacuum Assisted Wellpoint Pumps

AQUATECH specializes in the supply of vacuum wellpoint dewatering equipment and related turn-key services. Our vacuum assisted wellpoint pumps and dewatering systems are available on an equipment rental and sale basis, and are recognized for their reliability and energy/environmental efficiencies.


AQUATECH primarily utilizes the Hudig line of vacuum wellpoint pumps to address a broad diversity of applications. This includes high to low volume, high head discharge capabilities, high vacuum applications and extreme environmentally sensitive applications for use in construction dewatering, dual phase extraction and creek/river bypass applications.


These pumps are recognized worldwide for their superior quality as well as their operational capabilities, which is in line with the standards that AQUATECH expects in delivering exceptional service to its clients and the wider industry.

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