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DriPrime CD150M Critically Silenced, GL5 Highway Trailer 90 USG fuel tank

Sound Attenuated

When the job calls for minimal noise in areas such as residential zones, hospitals or commercial areas, it’s critical to have access to the proper sound attenuated equipment. Aquatech provides a number of options depending on the project specifications.


Critically Silenced

Aquatech’s line-up of critically silenced pumps are fully adaptable to all Dri-Prime range, HL range pumps and Heidra hydraulic diesel packs. They’re constructed of 14 gauge sheet metal lined with 1” (25mm) and 2” (50mm) layers of polydamp acoustical sound deadening material to ensure excellent results, as engine noise is limited to 69dBA at 30 feet (9 metres). The diesel engines are designed with a critical grade silenced muffler, silenced priming exhaust utilizing isolated engine vibration to minimize operating noise. Other features include hinged, lockable doors for easy access to controls and service locations, while the entire skid-mounted pump and enclosure can readily be unbolted and removed from the DOT highway trailer.


Quiet Vandal – Pac for Dri-Prime Pumps

To protect your resources, this security enclosure fits directly onto a Dri-Prime pump highway mounted trailer to provide excellent equipment protection while curtailing noise levels. Registering only 72 dBA at 30 feet (9 metres) and offering a lockable security, this unit is constructed with 14 gauge sheet metal lined with 1” (25mm) layer of polydamp acoustical sound deadening material, silenced cowl muffler and silenced priming exhaust. The doors are hinged and lockable for convenient access to operating controls and service locations, and the units are available on 4” (100mm), 6” (150mm) and 8” (225mm) Dri-Prime diesel pumps.


Whisper – Pac for Dri-Prime Pumps

This freestanding enclosure is a sturdy option that can reduce operating noise to 63 dBA at 30 feet (9 metres). The unit features an 18 gauge sheet metal exterior and 22 gauge perforated, galvanized sheet metal filled with 4 lb. (1.8 kg) density sound absorption material. Sound attenuated air inlet and outlet ports encourage airflow to the engine for cooling and combustion, while the design offers convenient openings for suction and discharge connection access. Easier service access is also achieved with a full-sized door. The unit is available in both large and small sizes, while the single point lifting eye ensures positioning over the pump is a snap.

Download Sound-Attenuated-Spec-Sheet.pdf

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