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Heidra 150MR/V - 6" pump can handle up to 5" (127mm) of solids

Hydraulic Submersible Pumps

When project specifications target deeper applications where solids handling capability is a factor, Aquatech’s line-up of hydraulic submersible pumps offer the capacity and the options to properly tackle the job. The rugged construction features a cast iron pumping chamber and cast chromium steel impeller, while the pumps; independent bearings form the hydraulic gear motor, so pump loads don’t impact gear motor performance.


Aquatech always aims to give clients the options they need to achieve the results they want. In this case, all our CD and HL Dri-Prime pump models can be manufactured in a hydraulic submersible form. As well, PrimeGuard Controllers are available on hydraulic pumps for floats, level transducers and pressure transducers. All hydraulic power packs are variable speed diesel engines and are manufactured in both critically silenced and/or trailer-mounted versions.


While the standard impeller is designed for general pumping, slurries and sludge, our vortex impellers have a greater capacity to handle solids. There’s a slurry-gate option available which adds water via a hydraulic control valve to mix heavy sludge or slurries and thereby boost production. For other special designs concerning specific pumping requirements, let us know and we’ll propose a better pumping alternative.

Hydraulic Submersible Pump Specification Sheets

Hydraulic Submersible Pump Specification Sheets