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Industrial Pumping

Our range of industrial pumping solutions at Aquatech is designed to handle an array of applications in some of today’s most demanding environments. To help address the specific needs of our clients we carry pumps with an assortment of features and benefits.  These include:

•    Temporary fire pumps and high pressure vessel cleaning with HL Dri-Prime pumps
•    Stainless steel pumps for saline water transfer, desalination and oilfield brine
•    Chemical flushing pumps

Our centrifugal pumps are used as process fluid pumps in a variety of configurations when high volumes and high pressure are required with short or long discharge into both opened or closed pressurized systems. These pumps have the capacity to handle a high solids ratio, as well as slurries and sludge.  The highly dependable construction means the mechanical seals can handle operating temperatures of up to 212°F.

Aquatech has diesel, hydraulic and electric centrifugal Dri-Prime pumps available in both CD and HL configurations.