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Aquatech is thoroughly equipped to handle a wide array of site specific issues. Let us help provide a customized response to the most challenging of situations with our line-up of equipment, which includes:


Discharge Filtration

We stock and maintain all the necessary equipment for managing filtration requirements, including Enviro-tanks (18-21k gallon capacity with internal weirs), micron particle filters (both bag and cartridge), cyclone particle density separators, sand media filters, as well as a selection of bag filters and sediment traps. We also carry coagulants and flocculants accompanied by both injection pumps and mixing tanks.


Groundwater Treatment Solutions

Count on us for effective groundwater treatment solutions to ensure the job is done right. This includes oil-water separators, vapour separation and treatment, and pressure vessels such as granular and liquid phase carbon, activated alumina, clay, green sand media and more.


Wheel Wash Systems

Choose from a selection of completely automated systems, available in varying capacities to accommodate sediment loading, particle type and size, as well as trucking requirements. We offer both mobile and permanent installations, and the option of in-ground or above ground recirculation and sediment tanks.


Dredging Equipment

As experts in the field, we carry only most dependable dredging equipment, from high volume capacity pumps, as well as high and low-head pumps that can handle up to 70% solids by weight or 50% solids by volume, though we recommend operating at a ratio of 30-40% solids by weight. Source us for excavator attachments, barge systems and any post-pumping treatment, such as geotubes and cyclone separators.